Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implants work in the way that roots of your natural teeth do

The implants allow complete or partial dentures to simply clip into place, so there’s little or no movement Loose and sore dentures are difficult enough to manage, and losing your sense of taste, can also reduce your quality of life. Dental implants can make these issues a thing of your past.

Implant dentures offer a simple yet technologically advanced solution to all those common problems associated with ill-fitting dentures. Titanium posts are placed to replace the roots of extracted teeth. They form a firm, stable anchor point for full or partial dentures. You simply clip on your dentures and you’re good to go!

Benefits of dental implants for denture wearers are: ​ Denture implants give you the confident look and feel of secure, stable natural teeth with: ​

  • No movement
  • No sore gums
  • Reduced gaps for food to slip under
  • No denture adhesive required
  • No stress while eating, smiling or laughing! ​ Implant dentures can also prevent neighboring teeth from moving into the gaps left by extracted teeth. This, in turn, helps preserve bone and reduce gum tissue loss/shrinkage. With close-fitting dentures, you retain your natural smile,increase your chewing force and get your taste buds back!

If you would like to discuss Implant retained dentures with John Egan just contact him for an appointment. John will talk through your options and answer all your questions on implant retained dentures.