Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are dentures(full and partials) that are fitted immediately after your teeth have been extracted.

This enables you to have a natural-looking smile without waiting before you dentures are manufactured. The immediate complete or partial dentures are made in advance, so you can wear them home the same day as your teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures aid in restoring your natural mouth shape and allow you to continue to talk, and chew even as the bones and gums in the mouth are healing. You will not need to be  ’toothless’ for any period of time.

After a 3-month healing period, the patient is required to have the dentures relined at an extra cost. This period can increase depending on the rate of resorption and remodelling of bone. i.e. when shrinkage has occurred, and pain subsided. During shrinkage and bone formation the original position of the teeth can change. So where the original patients teeth were with shrinkage of the gums now the bone is further in at the sides and back further in the front teeth. At the reline stage the patient may be advised that a new denture may be necessary.